ECOPERFIL's mission is to step out and set an example in construction practice in Portugal, designing and consulting with efficiency and sustainability in mind. Namely, ECOPERFIL intends to: build a reliable technical support base for evaluating eco-measures; up-grade the quality of buildings, in general; enforce the implementation on eco-measures in buildings; promote sustainability principles amongst all construction industry professionals - investors, other designers, contactors and final users; plan and predict life cycle costs, instead of going along with the present short-sighted, short-termed cost considerations. Bioclimatic designing, energetic efficiency, renewable energy sources usage and rational use of resources (materials, water, energy, soil), are crucial aspects for sustainable development, so ECOPERFIL devotes itself to study and design all eco-measures for buildings, whenever technical and economically viable.


In order to best attain its mission, Ecoperfil has established colaboration protocols with two important research institutions in Portugal: Instituto PolitÚcnico de Set˙bal (IPS) and Universidade do Algarve (UA).